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Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world

Each year, Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world who gather in the holy city of Makkah in order to perform their hajj rituals. Provided being financially and physically capable, Muslims are expected to perform Hajj once in their lifetime. The religious practice has taken place annually since the days of the Prophet Mohamed PBUH, yet it also represents a very lucrative industry for Saudi Arabia and the great number of travel companies and Hajj and Umrah businesses involved. The religious occasion enables hotels, restaurants, travel agents, airlines, transfer companies and mobile phone companies to make enormous profits during the Hajj season, and the government benefits in the form of taxes. With the technological advancement and increasing demand, Hajj and Umrah applications are issued online along with each and every requirement the pilgrims might need throughout their blessed journey. Online platforms which are dedicated solely to assisting the pilgrims in planning their Hajj can’t be found all across the web. Mahata Al Alam for technical support contributes in the improvement of the travel industry by offering high quality IT solutions and continuous technical support services to Saudi Travel companies, Hajj and Umrah services providers as well as internationally based businesses. Our firm covers a wide range of IT services with the purpose of helping your business grow and succeed. Our company markets and delivers its services to small, medium and large firms. We offer companies the professional consulting and technical support services needed to help manage the rapid change and complexities related to IT and business service operations. We specialize in the Implement and maintenance of innovative IT solutions to focus on your company’s growth acceleration. We offer you cost effective support and IT services with undeniable benefits over your business agility and enhanced productivity.

Mahatat Al Alam is a Saudi stock-joint company

Mahatat Al Alam is a Saudi stock-joint company dedicated to providing technical support for Hajj and Umrah visitors. Our vision has always sought the improvement of the Hajj and Umrah sectors through the constant innovation of solutions and services to help Muslims from all over the world get the best out of this life-changing spiritual journey. We believe that technical support is the right path towards the prosperity of this vital economic sector. Our company specializes in the design of a bookable platform whereby clients can book all their services online. We provide technical support concerning the use of such platforms through a variety of ways, whether via phone, e-mail, chat or even service center support. At Mahata Al Alam , technical support is given paramount importance as a way to gain customer loyalty and help them get used to the purchased product. Taking technical support into consideration is our way of ensuring rave reviews about the services of our company as one major factor that can jeopardize the reputation of any company is bad reviews. Our policy, therefore, stipulates the importance of technical support we strive to deliver through experts about the products our company is famous for, which goes hand in hand with the principles of first-call resolution strategy. Technical support services will doubtlessly help our company increase sells and grow its earnings as it will ensure a good reputation among users of such services. Technical support is also a way of bridging the gap between our company and its clients. We see this connection as a chance of learning about complaints so as to bring about new ideas and know more about the insecurities of our clients towards a certain product and the vulnerabilities of our online-based services. Mahata Al Alam considers technical support a critical factor that helps our company keep moving towards the contribution of the improvement of the Hajj and Umrah industry.

Gone are the days when Hajj and Umrah services were handled manually

Gone are the days when Hajj and Umrah services were handled manually. Nowadays, the Hajj - Umrah industry and technology makes the perfect combination. These technological innovations enjoy such an important role thanks to its intervention in the whole journey of Hajj and Umrah performers. They can make use of such technological solutions upon arrival, during the stay or even after their spiritual journey is over. In fact, according to statistics, 74% of plan travels are made through online solutions. These solutions, for instance, can be used to book hotel rooms for accommodation, transfers to move through the holy destination or excursion for an entertaining aspect of the journey. Mahata Al Alam has always invested in technological innovations that helps grow our business and guarantee customer satisfaction through high quality services. Our company has created a booking engine platform that helps revolutionize the booking experience and the Hajj-Umrah sector in its entirety. This engine platform helps process a huge number of bookings allowing us to take care of all of the coming reservations from clients. This booking engine is a major step up as it allows our operators to manage a great number of bookings in a significant short period of time. Our engine is also set to increase the efficiency of your bookings as our system keeps track of every booking made through the company with all its related details. Our booking engine platform is unique thanks to its inclusiveness. It is normal for Umrah and Hajj performers to seek a number of services at the same time for their journey. This is the reason why Mahata Al Alam decides to make all the needed facilities available on the bookable platform. You won’t need any other party or platform for the reservation of your services. Our booking engine platform displays a number of services relevant to your search for a better stay.

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