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Umrah Guidance

Umrah booking steps with Mahatat Al Alam

  • Step 1:

    Enter the entire search fields with your required dates and information for hotels, Transfers and Ground Services and click on the Search button. You must select at least least five nights in between Makkah and Madina.

    Your check In Date will be your Transfer and Ground Services start date.

    No. of passengers will be entered in first check in and those will be the same in all the services (Hotels, Transfers, Ground Services and Apply Visa)

  • Step 2:

    After your search you will find a list of Makkah Hotels first, this list is from three suppliers MAQAM, Agoda and Umrah Holiday. Click on "Select Room" button of your desired hotel, the System will check for Room availability according to your required Check In and Check Out Dates, If its available then you’ll be directed to the hotel details page to select required room(s), or elseyou’ll be redirect to hotel listing to confirm any other Hotel. From the Hoteldetails Page select your room and number of rooms required.Your selection will be added to Cart once this is done you’ll be directed to the Next Step.

  • Step 3:

    If you have entered Check In and Check Out Dates for Madina during your Search then your Next step will be Madina Hotels listing and if you have not selected Madina then you won't be able to see Madina Hotels listing and will be redirected to Transfers Listing Page, Because Madina is not mandatory according to MAQAM rules and regulations.

    In Madina Hotels you will follow the same procedure to book room as you did in Makkah Hotels.

  • Step 4:

    In this Step you will see a list of Transfers available in your entered dates and your selected route during search.

    Make sure to view Transfer details, providers, and its Cancellation Policy before clicking on "Book Now"

    After clicking on "Book Now", Transfer will be added to your Cart and you’ll be redirected to the Next Step.

    Note : Transfer Booking is mandatory to complete your booking process for Umrah and to Apply for an umrah visa.

  • Step 5:

    After making payment it will redirect you to the Booking Confirmation Page, Where you will see the Booking information of all three services with their BRNs(Booking Reference Numbers), On this page you will see your complete details of all the services. You will be able to view and download your Booking Receipts and your Booking Confirmation.

    From Booking confirmation Page you can cancel you booking according to mentioned cancelation policy.

  • Step 6:

    This is the Last step of Umrah Booking and umrah visa process, This Step can be done two ways.

    From Booking Confirmation Page, You will find a button "Apply for Umrah Visa", which you will click and you will be redirected to the Visa Application form. Here 3 BRNs(Booking Reference Number) of Hotels, Transfer and Ground Services are mandatory to Apply for Visa, your Lead passenger Details will be auto filled and you already have your other passengers details on this page, You will need to Enter your Arrival and Departure information and Click on the Submit button it will redirect you to the Umrah System of Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia to perform other steps for Umrah Visa.

    If after booking you have not received any confirmation with your arrival and departure details or due to any reason you have closed the page and later on decide to apply for an Umrah Visa, then you will need to go to Home Page and click on "Review Booking", it will verify your booking email by sending a Verification code, if your email is verified with any active booking then the system will give you an option to enter all three BRNs(Booking Reference Numbers) this you should ready have in your Booking Confirmation Email and Booking Confirmation SMS, After entering it will redirected you to the Booking Confirmation Page and the you will do the same procedure as mentioned earlier to Apply for an Umrah Visa.

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